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John Doe, CPA

John's standard link to his email account will be stolen off his website within weeks.

John's new secure link
to his email account
will never be stolen.

we'll send you a secure link to your email address to place on your website and in your email signature...

Give everyone a secure  link to your email account that will:

    Impress your clients that you
       value their time and privacy by
       making security very simple

    Trade secure emails and files up
       to 200 megabytes with anyone

    Protect your own privacy by
       stopping email address thieves

    Do all of this for an incredible
       price of just $39.95 a year


Data Encryption

Addresses NOT recorded

CipherSend™ Is A "Personal" Secure Email, Secure File Transfer And Email
Address Protection System

And you do not have to give anyone another aggravating user name to remember!

CipherSend™ is a revolution in online security.  Professionals that are frustrated with the expense, complexity and login aggravation of setting up secure client portals or being subjected to viruses and spam after having their email addresses stolen off their website are quickly turning to CipherSend™.  

Within moments, you can give everyone a secure link to your current email account and thwart email address thieves at the same time.   When your client, patient or associate clicks on the secure contact link that you can provide them in your email signature and/or on your website, a secure browser box branded with your logo opens up and allows the sender to type either a standard or secure message and attach and upload a secure file up to 50 or 200 megabytes in size.

Unlike other secure file transfer or email systems, your client does NOT have to login or enter a password.  The file goes securely to the CipherSend™ server and you are notified by email that the file or private message is available for secure download with your own private password.   Since the file attachment is not delivered via email, there is no need to worry about email size limitations.  When you're ready to send the file back to your client, just enter a password for your client and click send.

Having Secure Email Available To Clients/Patients Is The Law In Healthcare And A Strong Recommendation By Legal And Financial Industry Groups

Sending or receiving files or messages via standard email is not the equivalent of sending client or patient information by the postal service as is often claimed.  The postal service does not have thousands of people around the world trying to hack their mail.  Also, opening your sealed company envelope without leaving evidence of tampering is difficult.  Viewing company email without leaving evidence is easy.  Too easy.

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HIPAA Privacy Compliance


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CipherSend is a leading provider of secure email and other encryption security services for individuals as well as
attorneys, CPAs, physicians, scientists, educational and healthcare facilities and other small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.  Within moments of signing up for CipherSend, your email address will be totally secure.  You can receive password-free secure email from anyone in the world.  Replacing your website email address with a CipherSend button also protects your address from theft by automated spam-bots and gets you into compliance with privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley.  To try CipherSend now or obtain more information, simply click one of the links above.